While you’re building your business, the experiences you encounter will rebuild YOU.

Two things will most strongly predict your success through this journey.

  1. How you view yourself and the events around you.
  2. How your power is reflected back to you by the company you keep.

WOE Events invite the most notable female founders from the southeast to share with you their lessons learned in transparent trainings that will forever change how you approach your business.

The WOE Membership gathers soulful female founders who gracefully take on the art of building yourself while you’re building your business. 

Achieve the mindset and plan of action you need to stay focused as you grow your business.

When you launch your entrepreneurial journey, you also launch an inner journey of self-discovery. It takes resilience, optimism, and honesty to persevere through the challenges presented at each turn.

Business is personal. Who you are being will be reflected in the business you’re growing. 

Connect to a deeper level of confidence, higher vision, and clearer road map by allowing multiple eyes to look into your operations and strategy and craft your way forward.

Do all this with authentic energy and high-vibe tribe.

W.O.E. is not your average networking group. The women are different and YOU will feel different amongst them.

'In Motion' Membership


  • Monthly Pop-up Soul Circles
  • Weekly Exclusive Content
  • Special Guest Trainings
  • Private Facebook Group
  • FREE admission to ALL WOE Meetups and Main Events
  • No commitment. Cancel your membership any time you feel it’s not for you.

WOE is your place to not just meet, but collaborate with a powerfully, connected community of female founders.

Something special happens when women come together in community.  Something remarkable happens when those women are ambitious, like-minded, and on a mission to create something bigger than themselves.

Our events go far beyond the impersonal business card exchange to create deep connections with Atlanta’s most influential women business leaders.

More than just meeting your next client, expect to meet women you will LOVE doing business with and growing your business alongside.